If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan, you will be charged the relevant fee as detailed under Fees. We can then process your rebate of $128.40 after full payment is made. Therefore, please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account before attending the session.

If you are claiming your fees through your private health insurance, Workcover or TAC, Matilda will email through a copy of your paid invoice to your email address provided. You can then submit the invoice to your relevant funding body for your reimbursement. You may have a small gap that will be an out of pocket expense for you. Please note that you will need to pay for your session in full up-front. It is also your responsibility to check with your relevant private insurance or funding agency to ensure that you have the coverage.

If you are funded through DVA or EAP, Matilda will bill your funding organization directly. 

If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan, please also bring along your Medicare Card for all appointments so that your rebate could be processed.

If you have a current NDIS plan, you will be required to pay for your session and obtain an invoice to claim the reimbursement on your own if you are self-managed. If you have a care coordinator or Plan Manager, you will need to provide his/ her details in order for payment invoices to be sent.

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